Why choose us

As a leading steel manufacturing company in Vietnam, Vina One Steel has invested in the most modern closed production line to gain the initiative in controlling input raw material and increase the quality control ability of output products.


At VinaOne, billets with sufficient chemical compositions and physical-mechanical properties according to domestic and foreign standards go through the casting process to the continuous rolling mill at high speed, producing bright, tough and durable shape steel. 


With cold rolled coils, steel passes through pickling lines and then goes into the continuous 5-Stand tandem mill. Each stand is equipped with X-ray thickness gauges, Automatic Gauge Control (AGC), and Automatic Flatness Control (AFC), enabling steel to achieve double precision in thickness.


Modern NOF galvanizing technology ensures that VinaOne steel has a bright, smooth surface and high corrosion resistance against all weather conditions. High-frequency welding technology is used in pipe rolling to produce flat welding lines. Automatic molding machine is also there to assure accurate pipe’s angles. Thanks to the closed production process, VinaOne can proactively provide a variety of steel pipes with different thicknesses and specifications, serving diverse requirements from customers.

VinaOne’s spirit is always associated with quality and productivity. VinaOne’s steel products meet all the strictest demands of the market, the world’s top quality standards such as Japanese JIS, American ASTM, Australian AS, English BS and Vietnamese TCVN. With the production capacity of 600,000 tons of steel per year, VinaOne has its presence not only in the domestic market but also in other competing foreign ones.

Vina One Steel assures strict requirements about yield strength, tensile strength, hardness, a reliability of products. Vina One Steel’s products are tested by reputed organizations such as Quacert, Bureau Veritas. 


Not only investing in modern technologies to provide high-quality products but customer care also decides an important part to make customers satisfy. VinaOne’s spirit comes from the professionalism and discipline in the way the entire staff work, from leaders to employees, from engineers to factory workers. 


The leaders closely monitor and direct VinaOne’s development. The followers are highly focused, careful, attentive to ensure the accuracy down to the smallest detail. Everybody works together for the optimal steel production.

High-quality products and professional customer care help us to assert our position on the market. 

Vina One Steel takes on important national projects such as Tan Son Nhat airport, Bason port, Ca Mau - O Mon High Voltage 220KV cable system.


With all of the efforts, we are trying to make the best for customers, in order, Vina One Steel is always the best choice for them forever.