We make difference

Vina One Steel creates a dynamic young environment for working life, our guidelines is open, sincere and always start with a smile with customers. It helps our people work more efficiently and bring a friendly feeling to customers when we work together.

Also, Vina One Steel‘s staffs show a steel spirit; it is a combination of a growing, united, consistency collective. From leaders to employees, we are in consensus to develop the company.

Our experienced leaders understand that everything is changing each day, it means customers’ needs are changing as well, so we continuously improve technologies and the way of human management. We believe that our great effort will make our customer satisfy.


Vina One Steel hires talented and kind people to lead the company, they give strength and will for all employees here. We always remember four gold words: 



1/ Virtue: Our founders want to send a message to all employees that are always incere and honest with customers.


2/ Discipline: Discipline is a necessary and indispensable dignity of all Vina One Steel’s staff

  • Discipline to be safe in working 
  • Discipline to achieve goals ahead
  • Discipline to never forget mission “make the best for customers.”
  • Discipline to assure orderly control of an organization


3/ Mind: Things is changing every, life never stops learning, all people in Vina One Steel are learning each day to:

  • Catching up latest technology trends to apply in steel production.
  • Serving the most difficult desire of customers
  • Creation is green germ and vitality of an organization. Vina One Steel encourages creation to make different and positive things and bring incredible values, beyond customers’ needs. 


4/ Belief:  

  • Using belief to make our competitive advantages 
  • Using belief to make the fir-needle in all activities.
  • Building belief at customers and partners by good quality and customer care.


Vina One is the first company in Vietnam invested in both hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil lines, produces many types of products, it helps our customers has many choices for their project.


Vina One Steel builds a green campus, make a natural working environment, invests in the international wastewater treatment system.

Although we focus on investing and developing the company we never forget to share profits and responsible with the society. From 2012, Vina One Steel has corporated with Nam Phương Foundation, a charity organization to build new bridges, delete old broken bridges. The program helps students safe on the way to school and brings more opportunities for local people in developing the economy.


Besides that Vina One Steel supported students in the Bach Khoa university to build bridges in fields to help farmers .